The QBotix Tracking System™

Based on our paradigm of Solar Robotics™, QTS fundamentally re-invents the design of all solar tracking systems.

Conventional tracking systems use materials, metal (and concrete), in sub-optimal fashion. The result is massive and expensive systems that are failure prone and difficult to install. Typically, the material content of all tracking systems is two to three times higher than fixed mount systems. The fundamental reason for sub-optimal material utilization is a system-level actuation and controls requirement.

We approach the problem with a completely fresh approach. We begin by designing a tracking system that is optimized in terms of material utilization and would provide the strength, robustness and reliability needed over the 20 plus year life of the solar project. Then we solve the underlying system-level actuation and controls requirement through our paradigm of Solar Robotics™.

QTS utilizes a pair of autonomous mobile robots, one primary and one back-up, to control up to 300 kW of solar panels with high accuracy and reliability. The solar panels are installed on the QBotix designed trackers without individual motors and are optimized for cost, strength, durability and installation simplicity. The robots travel on a track and adjust each tracker periodically to optimally face the sun.

This allows us to create a tracker optimized for material usage, reliability and ease of installation.

Each rugged and easily replaceable robot replaces hundreds of individual motors and controllers found on conventional tracking systems. In addition, the back-up robot provides built in system redundancy. This improves the system reliability and ensures high availability of tracking capability.

The embedded intelligence and data communication capabilities of each autonomous robot optimize power plant performance and enables detailed operational knowledge at an unprecedented level.

The QTS has many advantages over existing systems on the market:

Dual-Axis Tracking at Single-Axis Pricing. QTS costs as little as existing single axis systems but generates up to 15 percent more energy. QTS will generate up to 40 percent more energy than fixed mount systems.

Universal Compatibility. QTS is compatible with all standard solar modules, inverters and foundation types used in ground-mounted installations for commercial, distributed generation and utility deployments.

Fast and Easy Installation. QTS ships pre-assembled and can be installed rapidly without using heavy equipment. The system does not require tight installation tolerances. Modular architecture allows fast deployments from 100 kW to multi-MW’s.

Site Flexibility. QTS can be installed without extensive land grading required by other tracking systems. The system can accommodate land constraint by adjustable Ground Coverage Ratio (GCR).

System Level Intelligence. QTS comes with monitoring software that provides detailed information about power plant operation.

Industry Standard Warranty. QTS comes with base warranty of 10 years for the full system, and longer periods are also available.

The QTS is available for both photovoltaic (PV) installations and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) installations. If you need a custom solution, please contact us.

Autonomous, rugged and mobile robot, Each robot can operate & monitor a 300 kW PV array.
Our trackers are pre-assembled, reliable, easy to install and universally compatible with all modules.
Made of sturdy steel, our track fits to different terrain and incorporates wiring in its structure.
"Qbotix Tracking System is a game changer in the area of solar balance-of-systems. It provides a 10-20% reduction in LCOE compared to fixed tilt systems and is compatible with all PV panels, foundation types and inverters. There is no system that provides such a dramatic value proposition in the market."
— Peter Shannon,
Managing Director, Firelake Capital Management
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