The Robotic Tracking System is compatible with every PV module and inverter on the market, and it has advantages in every application:

Development and Financial Benefits

Highest Project IRR, Enabling Winning PPA Bids
The QBotix system can increase the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of any project by increasing yield while minimizing cost, thereby enabling both superior returns and lower Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) bid rates.

Optimized Dual-Axis Tracking at Installed Costs Similar to Single-Axis Tracking
The installed cost of the RTS is similar to that of single-axis systems but generates up to 15 percent more energy. RTS also generates up to 40 percent more energy than fixed mount systems.

Highest Yield for Space-Constrained Arrays
With dual-axis yields and ground coverage ratios equivalent to single-axis systems, the QBotix system provides the highest possible project NPV.

Higher Profit Margins for Developers and EPCs
With the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and highest revenue yield of any system solution, the RTS enables developers and EPCs to increase their project profit margins while delivering the same project hurdle rates as a fixed-tilt or single-axis array.


Design Benefits

Optimized Ground Coverage Ratio
Unlike traditional dual-axis architectures, the RTS can achieve extremely high ground coverage ratios: up to 0.4 and higher – twice the GCR of traditional dual-axis systems.

Design Flexibility
The low-profile RTS can be installed without extensive land grading required by other tracking systems. The system can be designed around obstructions, up hillsides, or within irregularly-shaped areas, thereby enabling projects on lower-cost, marginal land, and enabling full utilization of parcels.

Ideal Power Generation Profile
The dual-axis nature of the RTS results in greater power generation in the early morning and late afternoon “shoulders” of the day. This “square” power profile is preferred by utility off-takers, results in higher capacity revenue, optimizes the Time-of-Delivery (TOD) or Time-of-Use (TOU) value, optimizes inverter utilization, and minimizes regulatory risk associated with optimizing systems to today’s TOD and tariff structures.


Installation and Operation Benefits

High System Availability
The combination of robust tracker and robot engineering, simple steel structures, and 100% redundant robot design enables high availability and fault-tolerant system operation.

Fast and Easy Installation
RTS ships pre-assembled and can be installed rapidly without using heavy machinery. The system does not require tight installation tolerances or specialized equipment. Its modular architecture allows fast deployments from 100 kW up to the largest utility-scale projects.

Minimal Maintenance
RTS is composed of components with proven track records in long-lifetime outdoor conditions. Maintenance of the RTS can be done with minimal training. System servicing requires no special skills or heavy tools, and robots can be maintained in the field. RTS offers flexible site layouts for high ease of access during maintenance.

Intelligent Operation
RTS comes with monitoring software that provides detailed information about power plant operation, which enables optimized performance and O&M with enhanced preventative diagnostic capabilities.